How a Dating coach tripled her revenue with tiktok

3 Months, 5 Times the revenue, all organic content



The client is an online dating coach who came to us needing our services to grow on social media and to turn her following into a steady stream of business and clients. She already had a decent foundation on TikTok, but was without much activity or growth on youtube. Furthermore, her audience on TikTok, but did not have a presence on other platforms

Over a 3 month period, we executed a strategy where we accelerated the momentum she had on TikTok while also expanding to an omnipresent content strategy. Furthermore, we directed her content such that her audience would be compelled to explore her business and coaching offers on her websites

From the attention that generated, we funneled the traffic into a 4-Step Sales Funnel with 4 Separate E-mail Campaigns in the back end. 

This reinsures our confidence that with consistent sharing and a high converting, multi step sales funnel CAN generate 5 figures in revenue ORGANICALLY for Online Coaches

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