3 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is The Future For Your Business


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You can boil digital marketing down to two dimensions, organic and paid. To create traffic and visibility, organic content marketing makes use of natural, authentic, and value-based strategies. Instead of using sponsored content or paid ads, the organic digital approach involves strategies that create business over time.

Organic marketing based on agency content marketing comprises anything you don’t exactly spend money on. This includes organic and unpaid social media posts, Blog posts, Guest posts, User-generated content, Email blasts, and Search engine optimization (SEO).

Paid marketing, on the other hand, is all about easily and efficiently targeting, meeting, and communicating with your target audience. There’s no need to wait for anyone to come across your new blog post or read your latest tweet. Paid marketing entails “pushing” material, mostly paid and supported advertisements. It also aims to get people to take particular acts, such as buying something or signing up for a virtual training session.

While paid marketing takes the lead as the main tool for rapid growth, here are 3 reasons content marketing should be the future of your business. And will help with creating a content strategy for social media;

Content marketing reduces the risks of rising ad costs

The costs of social media ads are rising, as the digital market is growing. And more competitors are entering the field of digital ads. Many companies that create content for digital marketing agencies and their clients rely heavily on social media ads have gotten a break in the last year as CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) have dropped across social networks. This is because brands have cut back their advertisements in the wake of the pandemic’s market uncertainty. Prices on social media are returning to more usual levels. Agency analysts predict that as customer trust rises and new commerce ad formats and channels emerge, social media costs will rise much faster.

Marketers’ CPM prices for digital advertising have increased by 90% year over year, according to research released earlier this year. Since 2020, the cost per thousand impressions has risen by 11%, to $7.84. Furthermore, 42 percent of advertisers intend to invest more in 2021 than they did in previous years, owing to the ad costs.

The majority of marketers are concerned about growing prices, according to the results. With 13% being extremely concerned about the trend. Nearly half of the advertisers surveyed say they would be priced out of paying for their digital advertising if prices continue to rise.

This would affect several companies trying to attract a new audience through a means of omnipresent marketing by paying for online ads.

The cost of digital ads continues to grow for a variety of reasons. Individual browser behaviors are shifting away from long periods of experimentation and toward actionable, fast bursts of activity. In addition to that offer, prices have started to rise as competition for available ad inventories has also increased.

Ad networks are merging, which means there are fewer competitors on the market and more meaningless traffic wasted on your advertising revenue. By developing a content strategy that is organic, you will never be victim to CPC costs choking your margins.

Content Marketing has the potential for evergreen growth

Long-form content such as a blog or a Youtube video can drive traffic for as long as the internet remains in existence and the content is relevant. Whereas paid ads have whichever lifespan you give your campaigns. Several digital marketing agencies that focus on social media create content that never expires. This is known as evergreen content. It revolves around a subject that readers are still interested in, regardless of the news cycle or season. However, a closer study of that meaning reveals that it refers to two distinct concepts: Topics and Content.

Evergreen topics are those that maintain a consistent level of interest and search frequency throughout time. “How to lose weight” is an example of an evergreen topic. As it is a question that will be asked if it is 2021 or 100 years from now. There will always be a need to lose weight.

Evergreen content is content that relates to an evergreen topic that never fades and will still be important to viewers even in the long run. For example, looking into the subject of “10 Diet-Free Ways to Lose Weight”. The foundations of weight loss don’t change all that much. You’ll be fine if you burn more calories than you eat. That’s why, despite the fact that the specific article has not been revised for a while, this piece of content is still important. It is an important factor to consider when asking the question of “how to create a social media content plan?”.

Creating Evergreen topics allows brands and businesses to do less work. Because you won’t have to alter or update the content as often, saving you time. It also helps businesses obtain consistent organic traffic. Google’s task is to respond to people’s questions. It will not rank if the content is out of date. If you want to draw organic traffic to your post month after month, year after year, and not see a drop in traffic after a month or two, you can create evergreen content.

If you maintain a content marketing strategy related to evergreen content, every piece of content will build another brick in your content fort. Making it stronger and pushing your business further over time enabling a more efficient way for businesses to even conduct omnichannel marketing.

Building a nurtured audience

Nurturing leads is vital to your business’s success. Since this strategy directly influences a consumer’s decision to turn into a paying customer. Targeted content, multi-channel nurturing, multiple touches, timely follow-ups, and personalization are only a few ways to encourage leads as well as produce omnichannel content.

It is important to remember that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to lead nurturing. According to the study, strategically growing leads with targeted content will boost results significantly. Begin by getting to know each of your distinct target customers or audience. Then, based on their marketing stimuli, create a variety of personalized content tailored to cultivate each of your customers.

Content creation marketing agencies make use of the nurturing technique as it is highly effective. It revolves around the creation of content such as blog posts, e-books, FAQs, how-to papers, webinars, and research reports. They are all carried out through the means of omnipresent content marketing. You can use this content to increase brand recognition and attract new customers. They also use social media and email to spread your content and add CTAs. These are done by inviting readers to subscribe to a newsletter or contacting you for more information.


With all the new different types of content and approaches to market them, at first glance could seem very daunting. But once you understand the flow of how your type of audience works and treat every content marketing platform as a means to grow your business and allocate specific attention to each at a time. You would be able to expand your reach and sustain your business faster and grow further than ever before.

Now not to break any hearts, but an omnipresent content strategy carrying all the benefits described here is not something a solopreneur or a small business would be able to manage for themselves. While creating a post on Instagram may seem easy enough, developing an omnipresent content strategy that drives growth and revenue takes a team.

That is why we created Bashi Media. We are the content marketing team building and implementing an omnipresent content strategy for your business. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can level up your content marketing across the board.


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