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So, you have started a business. At some point down the line, there will always be a moment when one of the most common questions will pop up in your head. And that is “should I hire a social media manager”?

If you are serious about your social media strategy and you want to make it a success, then you need to hire the right person to manage your social networking efforts. This is one of the most important tasks you can perform.

Social media marketing is one of the many ways your business can present itself to its potential clients. However, not many small businesses or aspiring business owners know how to use social media effectively and to make the most out of it.

That is why hiring someone who does, will help you grow your business. Let’s dive right in!

What does a social media manager do? 

The answer: nearly everything. To list a few:

  • Create social media content 
  • Promote the content
  • Build relationships with others on social media
  • Read and respond to comments and questions

A social media manager(SMM) needs to always be on top of social media. There are some things that they do that are valuable and that have a lot of growth potential.

The social media manager’s role is to help a business increase the customer base for that specific platform. And share information that is being produced by the company with its social media audience in a controlled and effective manner. 

The role is to be the link between your brand and your audience. Your social media channels are where you can connect with your audience. It’s a great opportunity to engage, and build trust with your audience.

Social media team looking at a dashboard on a huge laptop

Social media managers are your online business’s “internet best friend” and are often the key to growing your presence.

They are responsible for:

  • creating an online persona for your company, strategize and coordinate a marketing campaign
  • managing and boosting your online reputation
  • serving as an adviser to the marketing team and help you make decisions about what to post and when to post (social media posting best practices)
  • handling of several social media accounts
  • overlooking areas concerning social media marketing

Media managers usually have a wide variety of tasks. They’ll work closely with your business to help optimize your social media campaigns. And make sure that they reach your target audiences effectively.

8 reasons why you should hire a social media manager 

You need a person who can tell you the best way to share your content (products/services) with your followers. And who also can manage your accounts as you grow and evolve.

As we know, nowadays the competition gets only tougher with many brands and companies heavily using their social platforms. Staying omnipresent in the online world is one of the main strategies but can also be very overwhelming.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to leave it up to someone who knows what they are doing, can give you results, and is good at it?

Here’s why:

1. A Professional in Social Media Management

Social media marketing for many businesses has become a professional job that’s often outsourced. If you and your other workers have no prior expertise with social media marketing, publishing, and managing these platforms then it will just be a waste. One of the most important skills media managers have is understanding how to manage social media presence effectively towards your goals.

2. Creates your social media strategies

A social media manager will ensure that strong strategies are created and that the material you put out is useful and relevant to your target audience. Especially when you have to come up with effective strategies to suit each social platform you are on. Which in the long run will wear you out if you were to do it all by yourself.

3. Increase Brand Recognition

A social media manager’s objective is to raise brand recognition for you and position your company as an industry expert. Your followers will learn to trust you and recognize your brand if you consistently produce quality content. They’ll make sure you are well represented on each social media platform and maintain your image.

4. Consistency on content

To achieve omnipresence consistency is key. If someone searches you up and you haven’t updated in a long time that’s not a good sign. It shows you are outdated which will result in less to no audience engagement. A social media manager will make it a top priority to publishing content on each platform regularly. They will always look out for the latest trends and changes and create relevant content according to your business.

5. Saves Time 

Even if you have the knowledge and skills to manage all of the duties, you may not have the time to spend online social marketing on your own. Spending more time on one area of your business wouldn’t make you grow faster or make you efficient. Having an SMM will save you time and energy.

6. Cost Affective

Not knowing where and how to spend your ads, tools, and resources in your social media marketing will result in you losing 1000s of dollars. Therefore, hiring a professional social media marketing agency would be the most efficient and cost-effective alternative for your business. It all comes in a package.

7. Increase Customer Engagement

The more quality content you put out the more your audience will get attracted to you. Which means more feedback, inquiries, calls, and emails to answer to. That is quite a lot to juggle with if you are doing it all by yourself. You need someone to interact with your customers frequently. This will increase customer satisfaction.

8. Monitoring and analyzing

Checking on the results the strategies will bring is equally important to find out the areas for improvement. A social media manager knows how to evaluate and understand social media analytics and what they mean. They observe and analyze the processes. We wouldn’t know if our marketing approach was working or not if we didn’t have proper insight and analytics.

Hiring an experienced social media manager to organize your campaign may be the best business decision you will ever make.

A skilled social marketer will promote your company and manage the day-to-day operations of many platforms, many of which you’ve probably never heard of. This pulls customers to your business while allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Social media helps to shape the future of your business

The most often mentioned benefit of using social media for marketing reasons among global industry experts is increased visibility. This is understandable considering the enormous attractiveness of having billions of active users as a potential advertising audience.

Improved traffic, lead creation, and building customer loyalty are other reasons why marketers see the potential in using social media in their campaigns.

The average daily social media usage of internet users globally was 145 minutes per day as of 2019 and 2020.

Just by looking at the statistics below, social media users will only continue to be on the rise. Plus point is a wider audience to showcase our products and services.

On the other hand, it means more efforts, strategies, and creativity will have to be increased as well. It is an evolving state in which social media managers are fully geared up for.

Social Media Statistics January 2021

There is no shame in admitting you need help managing your social media accounts. People who are good at social media are doing it for the sheer joy of sharing what they’re up to and connecting with others.

Having said that, you should find a professional who you can work with consistently, who you can trust, and who will take pride in the beautiful success your social media pages have achieved. With Bashimedia you can have all that and many more.

Now wouldn’t that be great?

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