15 Awesome social media contest ideas to boost engagement (With examples)

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We all know that the quickest way to grow your audience online is through a social media contest. It is all over the internet. They keep people coming back for more, and they allow you to engage with them in a fun and interactive way.

However, it does not always seem easy to come up with ideas for contests for your social media channels that will create a buzz. Also, how do you know which type of contest is best for your brand?

Grab some coffee and get ready, because we’re about to explore a variety of different types that will suit any brand.

We’ve compiled 15 awesome social media contest ideas that have been proven to be successful in growing your social media platform. It will help you in generating new ideas for your social contests.

1. Best Caption Competition

This is one of the most often used contests. Caption contests are fantastic and are also a lot of fun! Post a pic or gif and ask your followers to create funny and relatable captions for it.

The winner will be picked by either polling your followers, selecting the post with the most likes, post with the most shares, or by having one of your team members select the winner.


2.Share a photo contest

Posts on social media that include images receive more engagement and shares than those that do not. This shows your photo’s reach has a chance to expand naturally, carrying your business along with it.

Always remember to make a theme for your social media contest and make sure it’s in line with your company brand. Users will then share their photos according to the relevant theme set out. People love prizes so you can consider including them at the end of the contest. A winner could be picked by an external or internal panel of judges, allowing voters to choose or randomly draw one.


3.Vote to win

Request photo/video or story entries, then have your followers vote for their favorites.

This type of social media contest makes people prefer to invite their friends and family to vote for their photos. This increases your on-page engagement as well as page likes!


4.Tag a friend

Followers will often tag a friend with mutual interests, this can be an efficient approach for you to reach a new audience and generate valuable followers. And if done correctly, your Twitter contest has the potential to grow exponentially as each person that is tagged tags another.

Asking your followers to tag a friend (or more) to enter is a traditional reply-to-enter method. You may add criteria like likes, retweets, and follow requirements, just like any other contest.

5.Pinterest board contest

Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the best platforms for businesses. You can leverage this social network by creating a contest around it.

To enter, ask your most devoted followers to construct their own Pinterest boards with any images that follow a concept or set of guidelines that you provide. Contests like these are meant to engage your users and build relationships with them, and they may also help your marketing efforts by offering insights.

6.Create a hashtag challenge

Hashtags are catchy, easy to remember, and most used. They are the most efficient approach you can use to reach out to your audience and drive engagement.

Branded Hashtag Challenges can drive big results. To create a challenge, you can create a hashtag that ends with the word “challenge”. Users then use them in their posts the more a hashtag is used the more exposure it gets. Driving the traffic to your brand.


7.Submit a Video 

Make use of user-generated content by having contestants submit a short video as an entry to win your contest. You can ask them to email, message you or post them on their pages.

The video could feature someone using your product or service and explaining why they deserve to win your contest or expressing their passion for your company.

8. Giveaways

When we see the word “giveaway” we are most definitely inclined to click to find out more. You can grab your audience’s attention by creating an attractive giveaway for your brand.

You can add in entry requirements such as like, follow, tag, and repost to get more interaction from your followers. Check out the example below.


9.Use a Filter to Win

To promote new products or simply raise awareness, many brands such as Taco Bell and Dunkin Donuts have created their own filters.

Ask your followers to create a Snap or Story with your brand’s filter for a chance to win a prize.


10. Most creative meme contest

A funny, creative and relatable meme gets you more shares and likes. It doesn’t have to be of a high-quality design. A picture filled with humor says a lot.

You can ask your followers to send in their most creative memes or post a picture asking your followers to make a meme out of it.

11. Fill in -the blanks 

This social contest is super simple! You just need to write an incomplete word, sentence or paragraph and ask your followers to complete it.

Your followers will engage by filling in the blank by adding their own unique idea to it. Use photos to draw attention to your photo by captioning them with an incomplete statement. Remember to select a theme that is consistent with your brand!


12.A quiz

Quizzes are still a great approach to increase your user engagement and boost contest entries. Asking a simple question can sometimes be enough to generate a lot of interest.

Simply pose a question to your audience, and the person who responds with the accurate (or best) response wins! It can either be questions about your brand or something trending.


13.Use a Poll

Create polls if you can’t decide between something with which your followers can help you. Also, a competitive poll will bring out your audience’s competitive side.

They not only increase brand engagement and interest, but they also allow you to gain insight into your audience’s thinking so you can create better content, services, and experiences for them. Opinion polling is a great way to do some market analysis.


14.Seasonal/ Special Days theme 

Have people share a story according to the holiday season or special days. For example in honor of mother’s day, you can ask your followers to post a picture with their mom with a caption of why they think their mother deserves a prize package on her special day.

Then, at random, choose a winner from the entries.

15. Selfie Contest

Allow contestants to enter by taking a “selfie” with your product or using a particular service. Not only is it fun and easy but it encourages people to share them, which means free promotion for you!

You can choose a winner at random or let your audience vote on their favorite selfie.


Running a social media contest is one of the most effective ways to drive engagement on your channels. It is an excellent way to reward your following through your channel outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

There’s nothing like the thrill of winning something to get people excited about what you have to say.

Give it a try and let us know what worked out best for you in the comments below!

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