Why an omnipresent content strategy is essential for your brand in 2021


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The internet is Red

Not red as in a crashing stock market, but red as in a red ocean. Ripe with overwhelming competition and seemingly impossible to penetrate. How on earth are you able to get your brand in front of the people? Without spending a fortune on social media marketing in 2021, for those who need to see it.

The answer is not neatly crafted Instagram captions nor a well-thought-out hashtag group. Sure, that’ll make for a great post, but with nearly 1000 posts being posted to Instagram every second, the odds of it being observed by the people you want it to be seen by are not in your favor. 

But let’s stick with the example of Instagram for a moment. Did you know that only 1% of Instagram users use no other social media platforms? This means that 99% of the audience available on Instagram can be reached on other platforms too.

This is where the concept of an omnipresent content strategy comes into play. Omnipresent content marketing is a strategy where your content is displayed in front of your audience everywhere they go online

So why is it essential for your brand in 2021?

The rule of 7

In the words of Captain Barbossa, “They’re more like guidelines than actual rules”

The marketing rule of 7 says that a prospective customer has to be exposed to your brand. An exposure of at least 7 times before they actually buy anything from you.

That’s what it says, but what it actually means for your brand is that when you develop a content strategy you have to be seen as many times as possible by a prospective buyer. This increases the chances of them even stopping to have a look at your post.

There is no such thing as overexposure when creating a content strategy for social media

Now getting in front of one user on Instagram who doesn’t even follow you 7 times without using paid ads is hopeless, and you probably already know that. But not if you use an omnipresent content strategy

Imagine you’re out fishing. To catch the most fish, would you toss out one carefully hand-crafted lure or a whole net.

The DIY styled lure may attract the most vanity KPI’s from Facebook, but the net will land you by far the most fish

The thing you need to take away from the rule of 7, is that you have to show up everywhere. It is because that’s where your target audience is. Everywhere.

A web of congruency

One takeaway I can imagine that you’ve taken away from all of this is that you should compromise your quality and just toss a bucket of content onto each channel to see what sticks

Not the case

Granted, you need to throw a big net into the ocean, omnipresent content marketing implies a congruence in the messaging and the content as a whole. Each one of your 100+ monthly posts serves as a link in the chain made up of your brand as a whole. Every post posted on every channel serves a purpose. It has to make sense to the user

Don’t let that shatter your dreams, because there is a strategy to do this without hiring a 20,000$ per month content creation team

An omnipresent content strategy is an ecosystem, not a wild west of rouge posts across the web. To explain this, I’m giving you an insight into an early incarnation of Bashi Media’s very own omnipresent content strategy.Bashimedia content strategy

What you see above is a systematic flow of content. And if it all seems like extra effort, it actually saves you time because, with omnipresent content, every piece of content cross-pollinates content on other platforms

With this system, the blog is the main macro content. All from which the material to create content for all the other channels are fed

A blog like the one you’re reading right now will probably create 10-15 Instagram posts, 5-10 Short form videos, 1 e-mail newsletter, up to 20 Pinterest pins, one or two Linkedin newsletters, and one substack newsletter.

Congruence is essential in content marketing because when a user sees your brand all over the internet, but it is not in harmony with a) your overall message and b) the best practices of the channel it is posted on, the content becomes about as useless as a billboard in the fog.

Ride the wave of social media 

Social media platforms are like waves in the ocean. Like waves, they come in and sweep everything with them. However, like waves, once they’re past you, there’s no catching them.

Facebook as a platform seemed like the inevitable future for modern communications online, however, the number of teenagers who use Facebook as their main social platform has plummeted to only 2% 

However much you may scoff at teenagers and their trends (I do too), they are the future of social media users. Your brands need to occupy the platforms they are on to stick around in the long run. Imagine you’ve built your brand on Facebook in 2010. While you’d probably still be doing just fine in terms of reach and growth, you’d have no real estate amongst the attention of the next generation of buyers online. And that’s a problem.

The recent boom of TikTok as the dominant social media platform amongst teenagers and young adults has proven that a new channel can dominate the space in under a calendar year. And the rate at which new platforms come on the scene is not going to slow down.

To use content marketing as a tool to drive revenue, your brand needs to be able to catch and ride the waves of trends that sweep across the internet. The way to do this is to have an omnipresent content strategy.

When your brand creates omnipresent content, you’re able to swiftly adapt your strategy to whatever the next wave is, and ride the barrel Kelly Slater style, and bring home a flawless 50. With just a single channel content strategy, the likelihood that you’ll bail in spectacular form as I would, is high, if you catch the wave at all.

What to do about all this

If the result of all this is that I crushed your hopes of building your brand online using organic content, let me blow some life into those hopes. Omnipresent content takes time, and it takes a team, which is what we do.

We build and execute omnipresent content strategies for our clients to spread and grow their brand everywhere online. Of course, every brand is different, so if you’re saying to yourself “neat… but how will it apply to me?”, give us a call and find out. We’ll give you a free strategy call on how we would structure your omnipresent content strategy. So, you can see for yourself how you can dominate online.


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