Why you need to jump on Pinterest: The most underrated platform for your business

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If you’re not yet on Pinterest then you should rethink it. It is the hidden gem of the social media world. One of the fastest-growing free social media platforms that you might not be using to its full potential.

Pinterest is one of the most underrated platforms for businesses and brands. You may think creating an effective Pinterest account for your business would be difficult and time-consuming. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

It allows you to view, share, collect and store visual elements such as photos and videos on virtual boards. You can show off your products or services in an appealing way without lengthy descriptions.

It’s also a place for your followers to get inspired by your content such as recipes, DIY projects, travel pictures and so much more.

You’ll realize that Pinterest Marketing is a great way to promote your brand and your business for a long time to come.

Why Pinterest?

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With Pinterest gaining popularity on the internet, it’s crucial for your business to start utilizing this platform in order to be successful.

Here are reasons why:

  • It is a great way to increase your brand awareness and reach a wider audience. With so many different boards, you can target your optimal audience and make sure that they know about your company.


  • By selecting a category for your pins, your pins and boards will be found when people search for content related to your business. Users can also follow tabs to show pins from people they already follow, so as content creators you need to focus on creating content that your followers will engage with.


  • When you share pictures, you are directed to social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, which can redirect traffic to your website. Your pins are pinned back and shared by more viewers, which increases engagement, which in turn boosts your visibility, and it looks like you have a lot of interesting content that users like.


  • Pinterest marketing can also be beneficial if you are a business owner or blogger. You can use the platform to promote your website, e-commerce store, or blog traffic.  This will bring more clicks which will;
  1. Build your mail list
  2. Get conversions on your website


  • According to a Cowen & Company survey, 47% of social media users see Pinterest as a platform for discovery and buying products – more than three times as high as those who cite Facebook or Instagram.


  • There are boards for almost every interest and hobby, which makes it a great place to find inspiration and share your favorite content. It is also great for online shopping because it lets you see what products people are pinning.


  • Unlike most platforms, your follower count is less relevant and doesn’t matter. A study that was done showed that a person with 10,000 followers could get the same traffic as someone who has 50,000 followers. It is a search engine, first of all, so your content has the potential to reach a wider audience.


  • Women were the first to embrace Pinterest when it originally began, and they still make up 60% of the global user base. Male users have increased by 50% year on year, and many are very active.


  • Content that has no expiration date is known as evergreen content. This content can be reused and repurposed indefinitely. By creating such content you will be able to drive more traffic to your website.


  • Helps you to rank on Google. If you pin useful or interesting content that others find useful or interesting, it will naturally be repinned a lot, increasing your traffic. With more traffic, you’ll naturally gain a higher Google page rank.


  • Pinterest SEO entails improving your profile and website in order to increase organic and, if desired, paid traffic.

How to market your Ecomm/Online coaching biz through Pinterest

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Pinterest is an online platform with over 478 million+ monthly active users.

It has a dedicated, loyal audience for multiple industries, including fashion, beauty, food, crafts, and more. It provides an excellent opportunity for small business owners.

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur, learn how to use Pinterest to your advantage by using the right techniques.

Use Creatives

Creatives, creatives, and MORE CREATIVES!

Observe Analytics

By observing analytics you will be able to understand trends and behaviors which will help you to work on areas that need improving for better results.

Create Eye-catching Content

Make your audience enticed by creating content that is clickable. Create a hook + add in your logo as well.

Include Idea Pins

Create IDEA PINS – In a single pin, you are able to record multiple videos, add images, lists, and custom texts. This will bring out the creativity in you.

Pin Videos

We all know how a video with great storytelling keeps us hooked. Grab your audience’s attention while they scroll by standing out from the crowd with your unique content.

Use Membership and Community boards

Another great marketing strategy from Pinterest to help you with your content is membership and the creation of community groups and boards. This allows you to have more interaction with your audience.

Be consistent and up-to-date

Because Pinterest allows users to invite others to participate in forums, it’s an excellent way to expose your work to a completely new audience. Users view how many boards and pins you have so keep your content up-to-date and stay active.

The simplest and basic method to use Pinterest for your business:

  • Pin your own items for other people to see
  • Once you’ve made many boards, organize your pins into specific product categories
  • Users who follow you will view your photo collection and can pin them back if they like them

15 tips to Make the Most out of Pinterest

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If you want to take advantage of this platform, follow these tips on how to make the most out of being on Pinterest:

  1. Optimize your Name – this is searchable. Instead of just putting your biz name, add in what your business does. For example, Bryan Mills Coaching – Systems and Business Coach OR Balaya – Activewear Brand.
  2. Optimize the Title of your Pin – this is also searchable.
  3. Optimize your description to be searchable + add keywords
  4. Add alt tags + alt text to your pins.
  5. Search for new images, pins, and trends using the search function. Use keywords in the description of the pin, and the pinner will find your image on the board itself through their own search. Make it relevant, so sometimes, you can add in the year. For example – Spring outfits 2021, online coaching tips 2021.
  6. Go into the search bar on Pinterest and type in what your niche is. For example, ‘social media’ and the relevant keywords people are searching for will come up.
  7. Save pins + make mood boards. This will allow other’s content to invite more monthly viewers to your page.
  8. Add idea pins + video content – this is a new feature on Pinterest + is pushing it out to more people.
  9. Pin pictures from other websites that you find interesting. If you find an article that you really love, just take a screenshot and upload it so others can see it too.
  10. Use hashtags so people can find your pins easily.
  11. Share your pins with other users in order to get more followers. For example, share your fashion-related pins on Facebook or Twitter.
  12. Always use high-quality graphics and photos. A 2:3 aspect ratio of vertical images is ideal.
  13. Pin Consistently & create shareable content.
  14. Enable Rich Pins. They are sort of organic Pins that syncs information from your website to your Pins automatically. Rich Pins are quite useful, especially for product sales.
  15. It’s a good idea to check the “Popular” page on a regular basis. It provides you with a better understanding of what people find appealing.

Consider how you might incorporate these trends and themes into your business approach.

How to create your first Pinterest business profile

Let’s get on Pinterest, shall we?

You can follow this short guide to help you get started.

  1. Click on Sign up at the top-right corner of your screen
  2. A new window opens. ClickCreate a free business account 
  3. Enter your Email addressCreate a password, and then your Age
  4. Click Create account
  5. Build your profile by filling out the fields, then click Next
  6. Fill out the fields to Describe your business, then click Next
  7. Select if you want to run ads, then click next
  8. Select where you’d like to start or click the “x” icon to go to your newly made Pinterest business account.

You’re done! You can now start creating pins and posting.

Note: By registering for an account, you agree to Pinterest’s Business Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


Pinterest isn’t just for pinning some amazing artwork and fashion looks, it’s a powerful tool that offers real value to your business.

You can grow your business on Pinterest using proven organic ways that will increase your views and engagement.

In just 2 months we have helped our client grow from 3k monthly views to 90k monthly views.

Want to find out more about how we did that?

If you are ready to give it a try, the best thing to do is get on a discovery call with us right now!


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