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Results from posting weekly Reels for clients
The results obtained from posting weekly Instagram Reels for a car dismantler


ESP is one of our clients in Melbourne, Australia who came to us, asking us to create, manage and grow the Instagram page for their car dismantling business.

We took this client on right as Instagram Reels had launched in Australia, meaning we wanted to take full advantage of this brand new opportunity to attain a strong Instagram presence for business. Instagram Reels launched across the world throughout 2020, and into 2021, and is designed to take on the competition from the booming platform TikTok. Naturally, Instagram want to grab back the market share TikTok obtained with their short-form, portrait content format, so we understood that Instagram would reward accounts posting reels with a boost in reach and ranking on the explore page.

Moreover, Instagram Reels also allow for a new way of businesses to be discovered as the browsing format for reels favours exposure to profiles not followed by the user.

As a result of this, our client observes an approximately 10x higher reach with their reels compared to their other content, consisting of both images and carousels.

This shows our hypothesis that short form portrait video, whether it be on Instagram, TikTok or Youtube, is currently the most dominant content format when it comes to organic reach, and getting in front of a cold audience. It’s propensity for going viral is also much higher.

Do you want similar results with your Instagram Reels? Book a free discovery call with us to see how our omnipresent content strategy will boost your brand organically.

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