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Chester, United Kingdom

Bryan came to us as a highly successful business coach and agency owner with 16 years in the game and 100s of success stories to back up his coaching business

After having grown his businesses Facebook business page to over 6800 followers and running a weekly talk show with his business partner, he needed someone to level his instagram up to that same standard.

Having just launched an Instagram for the business, he needed.

a) Someone to take over the reins for content creation and management for the businesses Instagram.

b) Implement a strategy for platform growth and business growth.

On top of that, he had a solid following on LinkedIn, which considering the nature of the content, made it easy for us to translate the content to a 3rd platform 

We took over the Social Media Content Management for his business on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn and generated 15-30 post monthly across all the platforms.

We implemented an omnipresent strategy, creating congruence across all of his platforms and created content buckets and a targeting strategy that drove traffic to his business.

To level up his aesthetic, we arranged a photoshoot with him in London.

We also built a brand kit centred around the content he was already creating

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